Violet Flame

Transformation with the Violet Flame

Violet Flame for Transformation

Violet Flame online Course

Module One

Invoking the Violet Flame.

Working with St Germain.

How to work with the Violet Flame for a deep cellular cleansing. 

How to work with the Violet Flame to purify the physical body

Learn how to play with the Violet Flame to help you  restore love for the body and to  realise the benefits of incarnation during these  times of transformation.

Module Two

Go deeper with the Violet Flame and discover how it  you invoke it to  cleanse, balance and align your energy centres.

Discover the Power of Decrees

With the gentle support of the Violet Flame you  learn how to synchronise your heart and mind and  to blend left and right brain awareness

Use the Violet Flame for support and encouragement  as you step on to your new path of Transformation

 How to work with the Violet Flame to  raise and maintain your vibration in daily life.

The Violet Flame can bring you  a deeper inner knowing as you take the opportunities  to make a higher choice each moment - discover how in this module

Module Three

Explore how The Violet Flame can help you  dissolve blocks and reclaim your personal power

See for yourself how  Violet Flame can help you  awaken into greater love for yourself and all beings

The Violet Flame can help you  in becoming a conduit for a greater love as you say YES to your Vibrational Upgrade in 2016

Module Four

The Violet Flame can help you  choose to  discover the joy of living  in the Now...learn how to go even deeper

The Violet Flame can help you Trust , Believe Transform- discover how

The Violet Flame can help you dissolve old  beliefs and so change your future as you continue to call upon and work with this energy.

 Expand your ability to invoke and work with the Violet Flame so it can help you as you reclaim your Mastery and experience a transformation through opening more to your True Self.

Learn how to use the Violet Flame for social and planetary well being

These four modules will be available online at weekly intervals for you to study , explore and apply.

The information and processes will be valuable for a lifetime.

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''One day you will come to see and find peace in confirming
that all this is nothing
but thoughts believed in.

A day not unlike today."