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Posted by Zannie Rose on May 14, 2015 at 3:20 PM

The ego responds with anger if its secret sources of self-feeding are exposed.

It can even react with rage or homicidal fury toward any threat to its dominion.

It has thrived on a secret substitute for God and survived by short-circuiting love.

The ego is therefore unwilling to give up its surreptitious feeding on itself, as forlorn as that may sound.

Although the ego outwardly protests suffering, inwardly, it gladly welcomes it.


Q: This is the sacrifice that one must make in order to realize the Self?


A: To the ego, abandoning the self-reward dynamism is looked upon as a loss.

The ego does not trust God and thereby thinks it has only itself to turn to for sustenance, survival, and pleasure.

The ego has faith in its own mechanisms and not in God.

It should not be faulted for this error because it has no experiential basis for comparison.

Its only way out is by faith that there is a better way.

It hears a spiritual truth and begins to search for it when the mind becomes disillusioned with its own fallacies and failure to achieve happiness. It finally realizes that the grim satisfaction it squeezes out of pain is a poor substitute for joy.


Q: Then occurs what is called the ripeness for spiritual interest?


A: In the due course of life’s events, this becomes the turning point. Even though it may take many lifetimes, it is the ‘hitting bottom’ of despair and defeat and the inner light that leads one out of hopelessness. Once that point is reached, the ego’s days are numbered.


Q: What sacrifice is required?


A: The major step is the realization that there is a source of joy and happiness that is outside and beyond the ego.

Then arise curiosity and an interest in how to reach spiritual goals.

Belief arises that is then bolstered by faith and eventually by experience.

Next follows the acquisition of instruction, information, and the practice of what has been learned.

By invitation, the spiritual energy increases, followed by dedication and the willingness to surrender all obstacles

. Even the decision to turn one’s life over to God brings joy and gives life a whole new meaning.

It becomes uplifting, and the greater context gives life more significance and reward.

One eventually becomes unwilling to support negativity, within or without.

This is not because it is wrong but merely futile. Although the journey to God begins with failure and doubt, it progresses into certainty. The way is really quite simple.


Q: What does ‘surrender to God’ really mean?


A: It means to surrender control and the secret satisfactions of the ego’s positionalities.

Turn only to love and to God as the source of life and joy. This choice is available in every instant.

When finally chosen, the reward is great. By invitation, spiritual awareness illuminates the way.

The key is willingness.


From: “I: Reality and Subjectivity” - D Hawkins

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