Violet Flame

Transformation with the Violet Flame

Would you like to to experience a remote Violet Flame Attunement at a time to suit you?

Option 1.

The session includes the Attunement followed by a phone call where you are guided through the use of Decrees as well as

guided visualisations to

1) invoke St Germain and the Violet Flame angels

2) bring the Violet Flame into every area of your life.

3) You will receive a written Violet Flame meditation after the call.

You will go away from the session with the ability to use the Violet Flame for transformation in every area of your life, in the same way as people who attend groups or who have a 1:1 session

 Expression of Appreciation :~ 44

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Option 2.

Remote Violet Flame Attunement. (no phone call)

Violet Flame written meditation  to enable you to apply the Violet Flame in any area your life.

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Expression of Appreciation= 33


Thank you so much for my Violet Flame initiation/attunement/visualisations.


I have to say that I did not feel the distant telephone initiation etc., to be a barrier, in fact with my speaker phone on it felt very much like a one-to-one session in the presence. It is really all about the power of intention which I had set before you even called when I called upon my spirit guides and guardians and angels for their help and assistance in what was to come. It was perfect and I experienced what I needed to experience and the timing was exactly right. Thank you! J

I have to say Zannie, you have such a lovely voice. Your voice is soft and beautiful and very calming and healing. It was a pleasure to talk to you.