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dethrone the mind

Posted by Zannie Rose on May 12, 2015 at 3:20 AM

Objectively, it can be seen that thoughts really belong to the consciousness of the world; the individual mind merely processes them in new combinations and permutations.

What seem to be truly original thoughts appear only through the medium of genius and are invariably felt by their authors to be found or given, not created.

It may be the case that we are each unique, as no two snowflakes are alike; however, we are still just snowflakes.

We all inherit the human condition of mind in our seemingly unasked-for birth.

To transcend the limitations of the mind, it is necessary to dethrone it from its tyranny as sole arbiter of reality.

The mind’s vanity confers its imprimatur of authenticity on the movie of life that it happens to view; the mind’s very nature is to convince us that its unique view of experience is the genuine article.

Each individual secretly feels that their experience of the world is the only true and accurate one.


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