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all our thoughts are merely borrowed

Posted by Zannie Rose on May 9, 2015 at 3:15 AM

From thinking that we “are” our minds, we begin to see that we “have” minds, and that it is the mind that has thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and opinions.

Eventually, we may arrive at the insight that all our thoughts are merely borrowed from the great database of consciousness and were never really our own to begin with.

Prevailing thought systems are received, absorbed, identified with, and, in due time, replaced by new ideas that have become fashionable.

As we place less value on such passing notions, they lose their capacity to dominate us, and we experience progressive freedom of, as well as from, the mind.

This, in turn, ripens into a new source of pleasure; fittingly, the pleasure of existence itself matures as one ascends the scale of consciousness.


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