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Affirmations for May

Posted by Zannie Rose on May 10, 2013 at 8:20 AM

In daily acts of kindness, I shine the light of love in the world. I am always blessed with more love to give and more love to live. Thank you, God.


Knowing that wholeness is my true essence, I accept for myself only wholeness. As a divine being, I am vibrantly alive and perfectly healthy.


I am home. The longing of my soul is fulfilled today as I go within to the center of my being and sense the presence of God. The Life of God is my life.


To listen to the voice of the true self is an ongoing process on the spiritual path. We are always completely guided and supported in this process by Spirit within.


With gratitude, I open to an expanded good in my life. An ever-flowing abundance of blessings comes forth through me. I am a channel for divine love.


kes I have made, knowing they were learning opportunities and not evidence of anything wrong with me. My true being is always perfect.


Aware of my unity with the one Life, I go forth with a deep sense of faith. Only good comes to me. I am empowered to expand into the fullness of my true self.

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