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Posted by Zannie Rose on May 9, 2013 at 12:10 AM

Experience your Presence. When your mind wanders bring it to focus on being unfocused and experiencing your own presence. Just relax into experiencing your own soft sweet presence that you already are. Be patient with your mind, it is very slippery and needs your total devotion and love to find this freedom. Keep feeling the quality of "unfocusedness" inside, while relaxing into your being and presence. Stay in the rich presence experience for as long as you possibly can!

If you have been using the mind to meditate, focusing on a mantra, or this or that, you are still engaging the mind and perhaps not connecting with the enlightened presence of absolute unbounded pure empty consciousness. This is the goldmine. So let go of all your techniques, drop them because they are just heavy baggage. With enough trust, patience, and surrender you will find the real gold. The secret is what are you doing with your mind the other 16 hours of your day? When you slow your entire life down the mind will soon stop all its mental chatter and meditation becomes easy and effortless.

Whenever thoughts arise throughout your day, just watch them. Don't follow them like a lost sheep would, and don't try to get rid of them. Every thought is a new gift from the Universe to unwrap and unravel. Just play the game of watch and release. As soon as they come, let them go. Notice which thoughts you cannot release, or don't want to let go of, and which ones keep getting caught in your net! Allow your thoughts to be whatever they need to be, and then return to the practice of being unfocused pure presence. This is your golden key to Nirvana. Practice of being empty, quiet and free as much as possible. Absolute unbounded joy and freedom is your natural state, yet it may take from 3 minutes to 3 months to find it, so just be patient because it is worth it.

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