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12 Spiritual Upgrades for You Today

Posted by Zannie Rose on June 6, 2012 at 7:30 AM

12 Essential Programmes

We all have 12 essential programmes that are present at birth

These programmes are part of the etheric soul matter that is anchored in our central column

These twelve essential programmes are governed by the Higher Self and help you to run the entire human body system with ease and grace,when they are fully functioning

Often these programmes get corrupted or deleted due to life experiences and this inhibits our ability to live, feel and experience life from our Higher Self.

The twelve programmes are:

Body Maintenance and Orientation

This is one of the more important of all the programmes. It helps you to know your body intimately .

This programme supports your knowing of what is right and of the highest good for your body at any given moment.

It is designed to educate you on the human body system and what maintenance is required.

You will know more clearly what specific supplements or healing modalities are best suited to your needs.

You will also become friends with your body.

'Whats Right about Emodiment that I am not getting?'


This programme helps you to communicate in a wide variety of ways what you feel, eloquently & almost effortlessly in more situations.

Intuition & Divine Guidance

This programme connects your access to intuition and divine guidance, thus minimizing confusion

and enhancing clarity.

Magical Skills & Creativity

This programme awakens your memory and ability to access creative and magical soul gifts you acquired throughout your soul's journey. These may include artistic talent, healing abilities, animal communication,divination,prophecy, teaching talents & more.

Once it is running smoothly, this programme enhances your capacity to more consciously access and manifets these gifts. It may help you to learn new techniques more quickly

Soul Contract and Divine Plan

This programme activates your memory of why you are here and what part you agreed to play in the ascension process of earth.

What contribution can I BE to planetary consciousness?

Personal Database

This programme organizes, files, categorizes and prioritizes all of your thoughts, words and actions into a cohesive and accessible format. It helps clear memory lapses and any problems with data downloading. It catalogues all external data and allows you quicker, easier reference to everything. It takes energy packages which are being downloaded from the etheric realms and interprets, organises and releases them to you when the time is right.

Upgrades, Corrections & Automatic Override

This programme facilitates your ability to automatically make adjustments and correct imbalances in your mental, emotional and physical energy bodies.

Protection and Filter System Scanner

This full system programme scans all of the input you receive throughout the day and catches and deletes all incoming and outgoing energies which are limiting, negative or fear-based. This includes all judgement thoughts or feelings.

Planetary Orientation

This programme downloads to you on a moment-by-moment basis everything that you need to be aware of that is going on with the planet.


This programme assists you in understanding the nature and flow of energy and how it relates to the material world.

It enhances and boosts your abilities to magnetize things, events and synchronicities on the earth plane.

Dream Recall

When this programme is installed and running, you will be able to remember and recapture your dreams each morning by just saying "Dream Recall." It works well if you are keeping a dream journal and doing regualr work with your dreams

Akashic Records

This programme connects you with the planetary and universal libraries and records.

More Info:~

Probably the three highest priority programmes are the protection and filter system scanner, personal database and the body maintenance and orientation programme.

When you receive an upgrade on one of these programmes, I use my intuitive abilty , inner sight and souls's guidance to connect with your soul and discover if there are any programmes that need to be deleted as they are no longer necessary or essential to the highest level functioning for each programme

Then I check with your soul to see if the programme is installed or has been deleted from your energy field.

Once has been deleted, I download and install one from the Divine Blueprints.

If it is functioning, I ask at what level is it functioning and then upgrade it to 100%.


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