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Consciousness Is The Only Power

Posted by Zannie Rose on August 15, 2013 at 4:40 AM


For all these years you have believed that you are a human being,

having to make decisions, having to do things

or they will never get done.

Now you are beginning to see that consciousness is everything.

It takes care of everything when you get yourself out of the way.

You get yourself out of the way by becoming still.

Once you have affirmed to yourself that consciousness is the only power

you will notice that your mind becomes quiet.

There is no longer anything to argue about,

no longer anything to confirm, to remember, nothing to react to.

Consciousness has spoken and you are free.

This doesn't mean that you have awakened

or that you have become self-realized.

This appears to work for you at a so-called human level.


Now here is the paradox. At the human level nothing really exists,

yet at the same time things begin to work for you. Just let it happen.

Reality, as consciousness, exists and you don't.

Yet when you say “Consciousness is the only power,"

something happens to your humanhood.

You become happy. You feel alive.

You're not alive as most people feel. It's a universal aliveness.

You sort of feel that your cells, your atoms,

are connected to the entire universe.

And you do know that all is well. You feel wonderful.

This happens just by saying “Consciousness is the only power.”


~Robert Adams - T109: Consciousness Is The Only Power

Keep quiet most of the time

Posted by Zannie Rose on August 8, 2013 at 3:00 AM



What are we really looking for?

True spirituality is not easy.


It means changing your entire viewpoint, looking at life completely differently.


Trying to keep quiet most of the time.

Keeping your mind quiet, never allowing it to judge, never allowing your mind to think too much on any one subject.


You learn to catch your thoughts.


When the mind begins to criticize, catch it before it goes too far.

Realize the God within you — your real Self - can never lead you astray.

Robert Adams


Meet everything in the moment as it arises.

Posted by Zannie Rose on July 30, 2013 at 6:25 AM

Don’t know anything at all.

Meet everything in the moment as it arises.

Meet life like this and you are on the road to true and pure existence—everlasting joy and contentment.

Then your life is not a series of events, but more a quality of being.

Start with being empty before you make your first step.

Then, when you make your first step,

see if you leave this beautiful emptiness or not.

When you are so grounded in and as the source, it won’t matter if you make one, ten or a hundred steps—in any direction, they will still be steps made in the silence of being.

The one who follows my advice will find something truly worth discovering:

Discovering yourself as you truly are is discovering life as It truly Is.



~ Mooji


30th of July, 2013


Can that which sees all be seen also?

Posted by Zannie Rose on June 23, 2013 at 4:25 AM

What I keep pointing to is totally natural.

It is without effort.

It is who we are and what we are.

It is beyond all qualities—ineffable.

But we have long embraced a mental construct of Self, to such an extent that like a reflex, as soon as there arises an insight into the Real, our attention jumps back immediately into the conditioned state of being.

However, this is seen also.

Therefore, it is only an appearance.

Be in the place or position only of the seeing without identity or judgement.

Don't be in the noodle house of concepts.

Now contemplate this question:

Can that which sees all be seen also?

This contemplation throws one right back into

one's original being. Here, one remains beyond doubt that one's self is the indivisible Truth.


~ Mooji

It is unborn. It is unchanging.

Posted by Zannie Rose on June 21, 2013 at 3:30 AM

It has no beginning, no middle, and no end.


It is not in time.


It is unborn. It is unchanging.


It is neither high nor low.


It is neither great nor small.


It is not magnificent. It is not infinite.


It is not bound. It is not unbound.


It is not pure. It is not impure.


It is simply beyond the realm of concepts.


Therefore; It cannot only be said to be everything for It is also nothing.


It is not you and it is not me.


It is not this, nor is it that.


It is not silence. It is not emptiness. It is not fullness.


It is not a scripture. It is not not scripture.


It is not outside. It is not inside.


Who will catch this clue?


It cannot be found. It cannot be lost.


It is not content and it is not without contentment.


It is without want, need, fear or other.


Therefore, it is indivisible—distance less.


It is never separate. It is not whole either.


It's not a fraction. It is not complete.


What is it?


It's not an 'It' also.


It is not an It.


It Is It!


What are we doing here?


Falling in love with It, which is nothing other than... It is falling in love with its own Self.


~ Mooj

The universe is not what you think it is.

Posted by Zannie Rose on June 20, 2013 at 3:10 AM

The world does not exist as it appears.


Your body does not exist the way it appears.


The universe is not what you think it is.


All is well. There is absolutely nothing wrong with anything.


Do not look at situations. Do not accept facts.


All facts are subject to change. Do not stick up for your rights.


You have no rights. Be compassionate. Have humility.


Have mercy on yourself. Never condemn yourself.


Never believe you are inferior or superior.


Identify with the higher Self and one day you will automatically


let go of everything and become that Self.


At that time there will not be a world and reality.


There will be just reality by itself and the world will become


images to you, superimposed on reality, images that do not exist.


Then you will find happiness that can never vanish,


happiness that can never disappear.


Begin to see yourself this way.


Not as a mortal being. Not as a being struggling through life,


and fretting, and worrying, and being upset over conditions,


having to make decisions, crying over spilled milk.


Don't fight the world. There's nothing to fight and there's absolutely nothing to fear. Be yourself. Be your real Self. Awaken.


It's about time you knew who you are. Awaken, and become free.


~Robert Adams - T106 : Totally Free

Stop Seeking?

Posted by Zannie Rose on June 9, 2013 at 7:50 AM

In playing the game of spiritual seeking, you believe that - through control, effort and practice - you will come to some later point of enlightenment, happiness, love, success, or contentment. But the hidden gem in seeking is the opportunity to expose the seeking for what it truly is - a game of mind.

Instead of blindly following each movement of seeking, expose the game. Allow awareness to see it without judgment. See what is really happening. The thought-based self is playing the game of looking for spirit in form (i.e., things). Ordinary, everyday present awareness is already formless spirit. The dream self is lost in a dream of temporary 'somethings' (i.e., temporary thoughts, feelings, ideas, religions, beliefs, states, experiences, jobs, relationships). It goes from one something to the next something in search of spirit.

This is about the possibility of seeing that control, effort, practice, thoughts, feelings, ideas, religions, beliefs, states, experiences, jobs, and relationships are temporary ësomethings' arising from the formless, changeless nothingness of spirit that is the source of all.

In exposing the seeking game, there is no more avoidance of present awareness. No more escaping from the present experience to some fairytale experience in the future. The possibility arises for seeing that, in the timeless presence that you really are, nothing is appearing as everything. Spirit is manifesting as every form - every 'something' - including every false idea about future awakening.

What if you stop thinking

Posted by Zannie Rose on June 4, 2013 at 2:05 AM



I am Brahman.

When I make a statement like that, I'm not speaking about Robert.

"I-am" encompasses all of you.

"I-am", is Brahman.

Therefore when you admit to yourself that you are Brahman, you are saying that you're the whole universe.

And something has to give.

You really don't know what you're saying, you don't understand what you're saying.

Say this to yourself.  See how it feels, I am Brahman.

I am Brahman.

You are declaring the highest truth in history, the highest truth in the world.

There is nothing that comes after that.

There is absolutely nothing to say after that.

When you make the declaration, I am Brahman.Those are mighty words.

The whole universe is Brahman.

Yet what we call Brahman is not a thing, not a place.

It is complete emptiness.

So when you say,

"I am Brahman", you're saying you're emptiness.

Feel this in every bone in your body, if you have any bones in your body.


What can possibly happen to you?

There is nothing that can happen to you!

But when you think about something happening to you, you're creating your own destiny, aren't you?

For you take certain facts, that are factual to you and you analyze them and you say,

"There's no escape from this".

And then you wonder that people suffer, so-to speak.

But when you realize that you are the creator of your own destiny, and when you allow yourself to think, then you begin to take stock in yourself.

Did you ever take stock in yourself?

You can buy stock in yourself!

It's on the open market.

Call your broker tomorrow and say you want to buy stock in yourself.

That's the best stock you can ever own!

For out of it comes everything else.


You are never what appears to be.

It goes back to the mind again.

The mind will read something in the paper, watch something on television and begin to ponder things seriously, worry about it, get upset over it.

Is it any wonder that people go through certain experiences and suffer a lot?

You are creating your own destiny.

You are power.

You can do anything you want with your life.

If you want to sit around feeling sorry for yourself, nobody cares.



I will tell you again: You are all Brahman.

You are all consciousness.

You are all the ultimate reality.

This is your true nature and nothing else exists.

Accept this for yourself.

Accept it right now.

You have never been the body or the mind.

This is a false image.

For when you believe you are the body or the mind you have to suffer accordingly.

No one can get away with that, no one on this earth.

Everyone who believes they are the body or the mind has to suffer.


Because things change.

Things are always changing constantly, continuously.

And you have a certain idea of how you're supposed to live.

You have a certain idea of how you're supposed to feel.

You have a certain idea of how you're supposed to…what you're supposed to do with your life in this plane of existence.

You have a preconceived idea of these things and this is what causes you the trouble.



I say to you again,"Stop thinking.

Live in the moment. Stop worrying about the past or the future.

Awaken to yourself.

Be happy.

Be free.

You are not alone.

You have divine forces right now taking care of you, guiding you, directing you to your ultimate good.

Trust these divine forces.

Have faith in them.

All they want is your recognition.

When you recognize there are divine forces taking care of you then you will find they are working for you and you find infinite joy.”

But when it's taken in reverse and you believe life is against you, there are forces against you, then you create your own hell.


Number One:

Stop thinking.

Take control of your mind.


Number Two:

live in the here and now.

Forget about yesterday, forget about the future.

Live in the moment and be happy in the moment.

Do whatever you have to do to be happy in the moment.


Number Three:

Do not be judgmental.

Do not judge anybody or anything, ever, no matter how it looks, never judge anybody.


Number Four:

Leave everything alone.

You did not come into this plane of existence to change anybody or anything.

You're not here to fix anything or anybody.

You're here only to become free and liberated by knowing the truth.


Number Five:

Always catch yourself and say,

"I am Brahman".

When you say,

"I am Brahman", you're not talking about your physical body, or your ego.

You're talking about the truth about yourself.

Reality itself is Brahman.

It has nothing to do with your body.

Your body doesn't exist.

It never existed, it appears to exist but it doesn't exist.

Your nature is pure consciousness, pure awareness.


Always remember these things, learn these things.

You have a lot of tools to work with.

If you only can use these tools every moment of your life, you will never be unhappy again.

How can you be unhappy if you know the truth?

You were not born to suffer or have problems.


You are here to rejoice!

To Be still and know that I am God.

To remember that "I-am" with you always, even unto the end of the world.


You are not an ordinary person, or you wouldn't be here.

There is something special about you.

You're ready to be out of the show, the show of materialism, the show of relativity, materialism and relativity.

You're ready to break out of that shell.

Let it happen.

The mind will create all kinds of situations to stop it from happening.

It will show you all kinds of nonsense.

But you know now that you have the power to change these things, to turn from the nonsense, to reality!

You can do it.

Work with it.



(Robert Adams)

the power that knows the way

Posted by Zannie Rose on June 1, 2013 at 4:00 AM

There's nothing to fix in your life.


Nothing to change.


Nothing to accomplish.


Nothing to do.


Except to abide in the power that knows the way.


It's so simple yet it's so hard for some of us.


And it's hard because we allow the thoughts to come to us and spoil everything.


You have to control your thoughts, control your thinking.


When you are free from thinking, you will always abide in consciousness, which is the power that knows the way.


And soon you'll find yourself becoming happier and happier every day, peaceful, harmonious.


Robert Adams